Your Corporate Event should have impact. It should leave a lasting impression on all attendees, may that be employees or clients. A primary condition for an event’s success is that it should be highly efficient in both its preparation and execution. What we offer is not only a conference room, but professional help in organizing your event, serving you with ideas for the entertainment of your guests, or for an astonishing room decoration.

Our outstandingly well equipped event rooms are the perfect location for conferences, business meetings, balls, wedding receptions or family get-togethers.


  • video projector
  • overhead projector
  • screen
  • flipchart
  • video
  • TV
  • built in speaker audio system
  • microphone, wireless microphone
  • phone, fax machine, photocopy machine.


SALVIA Salon : 150 persoane

MENTHA Salon : 40 persoane

SALVIA Salon: 100 persoane

MENTHA Salon: 20 persoane

SALVIA Salon: 60 persoane

MENTHA Salon: 15 persoane

SALVIA Salon: 150 persoane

MENTHA Salon: 30 persoane

SALVIA Salon: 120 persoane

MENTHA Salon: 22 persoane



Our team building programs are shaped to your company’s needs, loaded with challenging and lead by professional moderators. These activities are meant to reinforce the individual and the team, to accomplish better achievements, but at the same time, team building activities are a great way to let steam off and spend some fun time with the coworkers.
Team building activities include a wide spectrum of challenging games, everything from simple indoor games to physically challenging outdoor activities is possible. In organizing the teambuilding activities we take profit of our natural surroundings, orienteering, horseback riding, canyoning, archery or skill competitions are just a few of the possibilities.
Simple or complex, all these activities are filled with humor, adventure and surprise, and their positive effects will stimulate the employees for a long time.



Our staff has the expertise to make the important days perfect. From the initial meeting up until every last guest is convinced that they were part of a fairytale event, our staff will help you at every step of the planning, so that your personal wishes and every little detail of the menu, the wedding cake or the room decoration, become a reality.



For conferences that last several days or even for banquet dinners, we gladly make arrangements for entertainment and various fun programs, that make the time spent at us unforgettable. May that be a short trip to the nearby sights, live music band or piano evenings to accompany the dinner or ice skating carnival at the nearby skating rink, almost everything is possible.