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Miercurea Ciuc, the Municipality of Harghita County, lies at the exit of the basin named Ciucul de Mijloc. The Harghita volcanic mountains on the western border,with an altitude of 1710-1758 m, offer a unique view. The basin has an irregular form, because of the Olt river’s course, which divides it in unequal parts leaving a larger area to the eastern part. Most of the settlements have developed here. Miercurea Ciuc lies on the left terrace of river Olt.


The city, as well as the region, has a temperate climate with continental influences. The weather is significantly influenced due to the fragmented relief, the altitude of mountains, valleys and hollows. The climate’s main characteristic is the temperature inversion, especially in wintertime but in autumn- and springtime, too. In wintertime this means that cold air will stay in the basin while on the surrounding mountains the weather-picture will look a lot better.


By car:

From Oradea-Biharkeresztes frontier crossing point:
– use highway E60, driving through Oradea – Cluj Napoca – Târgu Mureş – Bălăuşeri . At Bălăuşeri turn onto highway 13A driving through Sovata – Odorheiu Secuiesc – Miercurea Ciuc. (399 kms)

From Arad-Nagylak frontier crossing point:

– use highway E68, driving through Arad – Deva – Sebeş. At Sebeş turn onto highway E81, crossing through Alba Iulia – Teiuş, then at Teiuş turn onto highway 14B crossing through Blaj-Mediaş-Sighişoara. At Sighişoara turn onto highway E60 then at Vânători , turn left onto highway 137 towards Cristuru Secuiesc and Odorheiu Secuiesc. From Odorheiu Secuiesc turn onto highway 13A , driving towards Miercurea Ciuc. (429 kms)

From Bucharest:
– use highway DN1 towards Braşov , then turn onto highway 11 towards Chiciş. At Chiciş turn onto highway 12 crossing through Sfântu Gheorghe – Băile Tuşnad – Miercurea Ciuc (260 km)

By train:
– Miercurea Ciuc has it’s own trainstation. Both local and international trains cross the town. For further information on train schedules, visit the following website:

By plane:
– There are 3 international airports in our region: Bucharest (255 km), Târgu Mureş (135 km) and Cluj Napoca (225 km)